More elaborated slitting skill is required inevitably during the process of slitting, since coating impairment can be occurred and width of the strip can be out of specification required.
MJ TECH is actively training workers and updating production equipments for better quality continuously.
Since Quality of Core is particularly influenced by the process of punching among the manufacturing process such as burr and bend defect, skilled workers with many year experience and precise press machine are necessary for excellent products.
We MJ TECH, is abillity to produce such quality goods with accumulated experience and will continue to increase our technoloty through R&D conduct.
External stress produced during the process of slitting and punching degrades the magnetic properties. The purpose of annealing is to remove this mechanical stress and recover the inherent magnetic properties. For this process, we have 2 continous furnaces for Si-Steel Products, and appropriate temperature and holding time are required for high quality product. We have technology and knowhow for this process.